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Vengeful Deeds - Lets chomp some Khador!

Journal of Maximus

Stuck out here, in the middle of some ghost town. Ransacked, looted. They didn't even leave any meat. Been tasked with delivering some Khador prisoners by Barnabas. Given a Posse for protection, but the way I see it, we don't need it. I am here.

Along the way we picked up an ally. Calls himself Draegyn, says he's headed the same way. Frail, pale, and probably couldn't handle a Fellblade to the face - Figure we'd let him come along and provide backup. Also, can be handy to have a human around for... Diplomatic reasons.

We had to set up camp for the night. We don't sleep much, but we still need a few hours a night. Draegyn always volunteered to keep watch at night - Said he preferred it. Still don't trust him, always keep a Gator up with him.

We heard them before we saw them. Clinking, clunking, clanking through the swampy forest around the abandoned hamlet. They think they're sneaky, they're used to fighting other men, with armor.

But we are not men. We are beasts.

The first two charge in. Their spears have explosives on the ends, and Gator scale only does so much when it's being blown up from the inside. We lost one of our members early - This only infuriated the rest of the posse, giving them the lust for blood.

As always, when near the swamp, we had reinforcements lurking nearby. A lone Gatorman joined in the fray, and tore the spine out of one of the Pikemen who hadn't yet come at us. He probably didn't even hear the jaws behind him before they tore through his armor.

After the initial charges, I moved to clear the downed. My Fellblade hungers, it demands that it taste death, and I feed it willingly, slaughtering the wounded Pikemen that the Gators have left before me.

Our left flank is under control - The Gator who wasn't with us in the beginning has drawn gunfire though. Gunfire? These pikes are tipped with explosions, not bullets. I charge in to investigate.

If we are being assaulted by men with guns, I will feed them to my blade.

The remainder of the Pikemen stay back, they've seen what we've done to their comrades, and they know that we will feast on their bodies and their captured brethren if they don't make a stand.

Hearing more gunfire, and the death of our ally Gator, I find the source of the gunfire - Draegyn!? No... No, another human, but... Identical? Save for this one is less pale, less gaunt, and clearly has plans beyond dying to my blade.

Whatever those plans were, they are forgotten in the muck.

The rest of the Pikemen fall. We take no prisoners. We were only tasked with transporting the ones we have, and with one less Gator to carry them, we had no interest in bringing more with us to Maelok.

We did, however, feast. Even our Draegyn, who insisted on keeping one of the Pikemen at the brink of death, so he could suckle at his neck.

Humans - I'll never understand them.

Well, that was fun. I haven't done writing like that in ages, but after playing this match, the idea of a Story Battle Report really appealed to me. These small point Company of Iron games are awesome - I even ordered my own deck of cards!

Anyways, that first match was Scenario 2A of Vengeful Deeds - Maximus and the Posse had to take some Prisoners to get executed, and Jack's Khador really had a problem with that. Well, now they can voice their concerns to Kossk in the afterlife.

Next up we have Scenario  2B! In this one, the Gators have strung up the captives which Maximus delivered. We've got 'em set on some Gallows, ready for an execution to please Kossk. Unfortunately for us, Kozlov and more of those damn Pikemen found us!

Thankfully, Maelok brought enough Gatormeat to choke a whole damn army. 

Maelok The Dreadbound


Jack's Lord Kozlov, Viscount of Scarsgard

Theme: Legion of Steel

I was stoked for this fight, so I went a bit photo happy. I love when people have full painted armies, and Jack's looked great! From the Camo on the 'Jacks to the blending and shading on the armor, I loved it all. The army cohesion was perfect, they all looked like they were one big ol' wall of angry green Khador.

Here we have the gallows! There's 5 Khador on there, and each turn, I can have my Executioner (Feralgeist) sacrifice his Attack or Move to EXECUTE a Khador chump.

If Jack kills my Feralgeist, he wins. If I execute all 5 men on the gallows, I win.

Big ol' Brick o' Gatormeat

I especially liked this Scenario because the Defender (Myself) got to set up all the terrain. Jack was generous and was fine with me filling up the place with tons of terrain. We've got a couple houses, a ruined building, some barracks, and even a nice little field!

Khador makes a strong advance, running some of their men a hop and a skip away from the gallows - The poor captured Khadorians can almost smell the freedom!

Now all they smell is the stench of death and the swamp.

For this match I was super happy with how I used Maelok. I cycled Soul Harvester well, netting over 15 Souls over the match, which fuelled Maelok for Revives and Mortalities.

Sadly, out of the 3 or 4 Mortalities I cast this game, all but 1 of them ended up missing and redirecting to hit my Posses! Thats what I get for casting into Melee.

I was worried about the Horsies coming up my left flank, so I held back Blue Posse to deal with them, and create a wall to prevent me from getting swept up.

Hooold the line!


See? Those horsies are charging the alley, hoping to get some Gatormeat down, but alas they are too tough. The +2 Arm from Maelok's 'Zombify Everything' is pretty amazing.

Another cool thing - If Feralgeist executes one of the Khador on the gallows, I choose one enemy unit and they are forced to move 3" directly towards the gallows... Soo... Horsies, run in!

This was also my feat turn, and Gators going incorporeal and completely jamming and obliterating things - Worked super well.

Only problem left - Big chunks of walking doom.

Kinda worried about engaging these 'Jacks, but with all of the Fury on Maelok I was able to get a ton of Revives off, and just throwing Gator body speedbumps ion the way of the 'Jacks worked out pretty damn well.

Yeah, so I think I got a Mortality off on those Horsies and, well... You see what happened.

I was still worried about the Jacks - I needed to get a Charge from my Blackhide off and into them, so I could KO one of them and work on the other... Thankfully, Jack was more than helpful at clearing space by continually chewing through Gators! And then a couple Sacrificial Strikes later and Blackhide was in the mix.

Blackhide crushed 2, and for our last turn we decided it'd be a blast to try a 2Handed throw!



This Vengeful Deeds thing was great. For once, I was undefeated, and had a blast doing the unique and fun Scenarios. If I end up running a WMH Weekend, I'm definitely devoting a day to running all of the weird and unique Scenarios PP has built over the years.

There's still Scenario 3, but it won't be happening at Strategies. Guess we'll have to run it casually at Connections sometime soon!

Here's a bit better shot of my 'Draegyn', who was the free model for this League. I painted him like Alucard, and was pretty happy with it.

And while I'm at it - Here's Kwaak Slickspine & Gub! Based on a wine cork, I did my best to do a waterfall. I'm not unhappy with how it turned out, but I'm really looking forward to do more creative bases like this one.

Next up - Pigs! With these boys painted I'll finally be able to run RASK SUPERFRIENDS! Whoo hoo!

Stay tuned!

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