Friday, 20 April 2018

Vengeful Deeds - The Aftermath

Hey again!

So, Vengeful Deeds is actually a 3-parter - However, for whatever reason Jack only ran it for 2 weekends. As such, I really wanted to get the Part3 in, and West was more than happy to oblige!

Hit the jump for some good ol'fashioned carnage!

First up we have Vengeful Deeds Scenario 3A! A Company of Iron Scenario, the Gators have to defend Draegyn while transporting a box of Orgoth artifacts, along with a key to open them! But the DASTARDLY CIRCLE don't wanna let us through!

Gators move up and hide behind a bush - Super sneaky.

Forest of Weeping Angels

So Lord of the Feast is sneaky. He's basically Coldsteel the Hedgehog - Little bastard teleported behind my Gator, whispered a "psssht, nothing personnel, kid" and shanked him. Pretty savage, and definitely a piece I'll need to focus as a higher priority in future games against Circle.


 I seriously love throws. They're great. So great that I often forget Slams exist. Whatever. Throws rule.

With the Argus dead, Gorax weakened, all that really needed to be done was to have Maximus finish off the Lord of the Feast - Which he did, handily. Draegyn successfully passes through with the Orgoth Artifacts, and we move on to Scenario 3B!


Theme: Will Work For Food


West's Kromac, Champion of the Wurm

This one is hilarious - So, Draegyn's intel led two armies (which he dislikes) to a battlefield where some dude (which he also dislikes) is holding a stockpile of Orgoth Artifacts. In reaction to finding his shithut flanked by two bloodthirsty army, dude with artifacts wildly starts activating them all - Which is hilarious!

So the house in the middle is gonna be shooting Sprays at the end of each turn, yet if we stand B2B with the house with no opposing models nearby, we gain control points.

This is also my first time running Will Work For Food with Rask! Really stoked about this list! Lesser Warlocks totally make me think of Pokemon trainers, and once I saw them on the table I realized that bringing 6 Heavy Beasts to a fight feels amazing.

Also - Look how far they can run on the first turn! Insane! Frankly, I wish I had kept the Blackhide back a bit, and aggressed with others. Further, I REALLY didn't like the forest on my side, as it made me split my army. Will have to keep them as a cohesive unit in the future.

Sorry for the unpainted Battle Boar - I got him, Rorsch and Brine on Sunday and could only paint one dude a day.

All Up In Yo Face
 So I sent Blackhide deep. Very deep. Goal was to fuck up Ghetorix, since he's a pretty important piece. Problem though? After all the buffs and the charge and all... Blackhide was outside of Rask's control. This was a huge fuckin' oversight, so this was where it turned against me.

Rask feated here, which was a good call - It stopped them from advancing further, and guaranteed I'd be able to get a full alpha strike on his forces.

Rar Rar I'm a Kromac

The thing is, I didn't really take advantage of the set-up for an Alpha. I pulled Brine back, and was way too gentle with my forces here. After this, we got swept up pretty easily.

So, a few things with this list - I dig it, but there's so much going on. I'll definitely have to play it a bunch more to get used to it.

I dig that I'm able to switch out the Solos (Kwaak/Orin/Mist) for whatever I feel like. It'll give me an opportunity to try out the interesting solos and see what they can do. Orin was useless this game, as he was never close enough to anything that was getting cast on, and there wasn't anything close enough for me to safely Chain Lightning. Mist Speaker was useless, so I want to switch him out for Witch Doctor - I love me some Ghostly shenanigans.

Order of activation and buffing is huge for this list, and the only way I'm gonna get better is by playing it way more. Can't wait to get the Pokemon Trainers back on board soon!

Now, one more Company of Iron game! It was getting late, so we decided this'd be easiest. Also, West brought all of his No Quarter Prime mags, and they all have unique scenarios, so we figured we'd try this! And I'd try a CoI force that isn't Posse Spam!

The jist of this one is that West is defending a mountain pass - with Ballistae! I field a team of Hunters and Wizards, thinking I'll get the range murder off on them! Well..

Chain Lightning single-handedly ruined me. Did a bunch of damage, did a bunch more damage, and the rest of my positioning was just not up to par, unfortunately.

I know I could have a better writeup, but I was super exhausted for this game, using unfamiliar models, and I was just not 100%. I look forward to doing way more CoI though - My deck finally came in the mail! Just gotta make some casualty marker chips and I'll be good.

Will most likely be doing some games Sunday, so - Seeya then!

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