Thursday, 1 March 2018

Quick Painting/Crafty Post

"Too toot" "His hiss"

So, I figure I'll try to always post new minis, for the sake of it. Step-by-step painting tutorials? Maybe later. I ain't good, but giving instructions (and analyzing them) may help me get better.

Lump on the right? Skarath droppings. 

First up: Dahlia and Skarath! Dahlia painted by my wonderful lady Sarah, and Skarath by me!
Sarah did Dahlia as a Drow with purty hair, and Skarath's tummy is based on this red and yellow tummy snek,  while the top was loosely based on this garter snek. Also, it was my first time doing wet blending, and I'm pretty happy with it!

First human I've ever painted - Don't mind the lack of face.

Finally got this Blindwater Brew Witch Doctor painted! Not sure if I want to put the drunk farrow in front, so for now the space is open.

Ugly Mutant Spitter Turtles (UMST) just doesn't have the same ring to it.

New turtle! Dremel'd off the base from the Widower's Wood model, painted it up, based it properly, and BOOM second spitter for Barnabas Pop 'N Drop lists! And who is that half painted thing...?

TIL my house owns a gluestick. So thankful.

Boom! Crafty post! Made some zones!
Shoutouts to Sarah for the colourful border printout, and to a frying pan for being a 12 inch circle!

Pyrrhus and Orin recreating American Gladiators JOUST

Had a guest for painting, my friend Scott! We do D&D together (Unsurprisingly, I'm a multidisciplinary nerd) and he wanted to paint up a model for his character, Ultan! Ultan is a Warforged Cleric, loves Justice, has a big shield and a shiny cloak. As such, I suggested he check out Protectorate of Menoth models, and he found Pyrrhus, Flameguard Hero!

It's actually his first time painting a model, and his first time modding, too! Ultan has a mace, so a javelin had to be snipped. Still half done, but great work for a beginner in the hobby, and he's just about finished his base coats. He put a little bit of a wash on, and was ecstatic about how cool washes are (SERIOUSLY ALL THE DETAILS)

Also pictured is Orin Midwinter! Void staff was fun to paint, and it's my first instance of trying to do glowing eyes / blue eyebrows. Gotta work on that OSL, heh.

Jaga Jaga Jaga, can't you see, sometimes your snek just hypnotize me.


She's been lying in pieces for awhile since I didn't know how to assemble the snake without it falling off. I even tried pinning it but failed... So I tried pinning again and it worked! Remember kids: Try everything at least 2 or 3 times, just in case you fucked it up the first time and that's why you had a bad LSD experience in your early twenties where you loudly narrated Katamari Damacy while everyone else was trying to sleep.


Check back soon, as I really need to write up a Battle Report for a game I played earlier this week! Whoo!

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