Friday, 9 March 2018

JagaJaga Versus the Robots

I like to think that if there had been an amicable resolution, then this would have happened.

Got a lot of painting done, and I wanted to test out my new models - So I threw them all together in a jumbled list and gave it a rip against a highly-tuned CoC tournament list!


Gators got smushed

Hit the jump for the battle report, and to see my amazing proxy Dracodile!

A weird ol' Jaga Jaga list versus Todd's CoC again!

My list was super weird, it was Dahlia/Skarath, Wrong Eye/SnapJaw, DRACODILE (Played by Leatherhead from TMNT), a couple beasts and a couple solos.

Todd's list was those 2 big turret buggers who literally sprayed me to death, a few punchbots, and a lot of those little buggers CoC spams.

Also, my first time using the new scenario markers!

We've moved up and things are fine. I was hesitant on the engage, as we talked it out and I learned some things about Gargantuans:

They need to be protected.
They're a huge investment.
They are relatively fragile.

As such, I played super safe with him (And the list overall) and never really made much happen.

Best part of using this toy - He can Submerge when he uses his Animus!

I really don't have much to say about the match, unfortunately. My list played terribly and I didn't even put a dent in him. His sprays blew me to shit and my Dracodile felt useless and vulnerable.

We talked and I think I'll try a Rask list for Draco, and a unit-heavy list for Jaga next time.

Wish there was more to say, but it was a blowout. On the plus side, I tried out Orin Midwinter, and I got to make some attacks with Leatherheadodile, so that was nice.

Next up, I'm painting Skinks!

No, I'm not getting into Warhammer - A friend hooked me up with 10, cuz I've always loved how they look. I'm going to use them as a proxy for Croak Raiders - I even did some greenstuff work to give them torches and oil bags! Stay tuned for the painting post, and hopefully some Battle Reports after this Sunday!

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