Sunday, 25 March 2018

First Steamroller!

Blue Posse! Also featured: My makeshift battle tray. Props to Connection Games for the shelf. 

That's right! First tournament of MKIII! And it was a Steamroller!

Y'know, Steamroller?

Well, if you play this game, you'll know that Steamroller is a tournament format where there's zones on the table, and if you control a zone you gain points at the end of each turn - Basically, different scenarios so that people don't just have to focus solely on killing eachother.

If you don't play this game, well - I just explained it, AND it's the thing I've been doing since getting back into MKIII!

Anyways, I got into 3 matches today - Trolls, Mercenaries, and Legion! Also, first time with my new 4th unit of Posse - Blue Posse!

Hit the jump for wicked batreps, angled photos, and my actual handwriting, which is indistinguishable from real chicken scratches!

I haven't handwritten this much in literally years.

BooM! An actual handwritten list. Madness. Will definitely be printing off a typed one for the next tourney. 

Alright, so, we'll do this a bit differently - Here's my two lists for the day:

Maelok The Dreadbound


First match was against Erin's Trolls, but when THIS was put down to my left I had to stop and take a picture. JUST LOOK AT THEM! So majestic. This was basically the guys' list, too. 3 Gargantuans? I can get behind that. 

Unfortunately, I was only able to get in front of that (SPOILERS) but more on that later!

For now - Trolls!



Erin's Kolgrima Stonetruth, Winter Witch

Theme: Band of Heroes
Trollkin Champions (Max) & Skaldi BonehammerTrollkin Champions (Max)Trollkin Longriders (Min)Trollkin Longriders (Min)Fell Caller Hero
Fell Caller Hero
Swamp Gobber Chef
Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes & Stone Scribe Elder

Stone Scribe Chronicler
Trollkin Champion Hero
Trollkin Fennblades
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

This match was really interesting, and a fun first round. Firstly, I don't think I've ever gone against Trolls, and all I knew of them from MKII was that they were comparable to my Posse. However, seems in MKIII they got buffed - Hugely survivable and able to beat the shit out of most things - Including Gators!

Erin went first, and got to deploy first. This was also my first time ever being on clock, and I'm pretty happy with how I managed my time.

I staggered my offensive line, hoping to draw out the attackers and getting a countercharge off, and properly alpha striking, however...

Cloud line had other ideas. Kolgrima shat out like SO MANY CLOUDS and made it really difficult to get any kind of decent engage in.

Even after Feat, I wasn't able to get much damage going. Further, with this scenario (Which was also new to me) the Trolls were getting tons of points (2 per turn) while I was getting none...

As you can guess, that meant he only needed to find 1 more point somewhere, and get the win easily on scenario. Further - And I don't wanna always blame my dice, but... My dice were shit. I'm genuinely upset with them. I think there's 2 of them that roll well and the other 3 consistently roll 1-3. May have to get some new D6s...

Here's Kolgrima, the frosty bitch. She feated and pushed my Croak out of the rectangular zone to win on scenario.

So, what did I learn from this one? Well, Erin's paint jobs are cool, for one. Love the bases, too!

For two, it's that Trolls hit fucking hard, and don't really have an interest in dying. I'll have to get a better alpha strike off on them in the future. Maybe even jamming all of my Posse up in super close so they can't keep getting good charges off? Meh. The Long Riders (Mounted on goats!) kept pushing my guys back and smashing them into eachother like an anrgy kid who doesn't know how dominos work, just that they're supposed to hit eachother.

I look forward to playing him next time. Hopefully with a different scenario!

Great thing about Tournament Day - Lots of folks who only come out for tournaments. Like this Menoth player! I ogled his army for a bit, and snapped this pic of his Revelator - Love it! Simple, clean, but really well done.

Next up - Mercs!

Maelok The Dreadbound


Shawn's Magnus the Warlord

Theme: The Irregulars


 So stoked for my 4th unit of Posse! I got the models ages ago, from some random UK company -  One problem once I got them in my hands; I really didn't like them. They looked kind of silly - Stubby little legs and big tums.... However, when I realized I needed a 4th unit of Posse, I figured it'd be a good chance to sink some into the swamp! They really need base markings, though...

This was my first match against Warmachine's equivalent of Hordes Minions - Mercenaries! There were SO MANY UNITS. So many little dudes! Made me thankful I brought Maelok, but also unhappy that neither of my lists had Spitters - They would have been perfect against this level of dudespam.

'Jacks got some free movement? Sure!
 Shawn was a good guy to play against - He was solid with the rules, and knew my models really well. I was really excited to play Maelok, as it was my first time using him in awhile, and I was really looking forward to using this list. A similar one (Maelok+4Posse+Others) won Adepticon the other week, and it really amped me up!

Moving on up! It was right around here that Shawn warned me that his Croes unit would be moving around to my table side soon. Probably should have went heavy to the top of the table at this point, but instead I extended out to try to stabilize some ground.

I should have feated around here. I ended up losing a lot of models after this following round - Jamming deep, I knew I would take a lot of hits, and had hoped that I'd be able to Spirit World (Incorporeal and +2 Arm) and get deep into his backline.

Brave Gators!

This damn feat! Making it so I can't approach 2 sides of the table was brutal. It completely forced me off of one side - And my dice rolls didn't help either, Blue Posse could have cleaned up a few dudes around them (And Snacked for valuable health) but the dice just didn't want it to happen.

Also, there were multiple times this game where I chose Bloodthirst Prayers (+2" Charge vs Living Models) when I should have gone for Offerings to Kossk (Reroll missed attacks) - Basically, I went for the risky, long-range play instead of the guaranteed removals, and thats pretty much the theme of why I feel I lost this one.

We ended up getting super close to time, as you can see at the top there. He was getting Scenario points, however, whereas I wasn't because of the damn Idrians denied me points at the top zone there. Ended up having to play super fast, which I was not familiar with. There were also times where I needlessly did attacks/rolls when I really shouldn't have. It just ate up time pointlessly.

Here it was when the dust settled - Eiryss jammed up with Blackhide, Maelok getting swarmed, and I accepted defeat - Even if we 'went to time' it was gonna hit Turn7, wherein Shawn was going to win for being ahead on scenario points.

Lots of fun, though - Never underestimate the little guys! Really excited to play this list again, maybe change some of the solos around - Also, I didn't Arc Node through Blind Walker once, when I REALLY SHOULD HAVE multiple times... Ah well. I'll play him more and maybe one day I'll remember to use the guy.





Jon's Absylonia, Terror of Everblight

Theme: Oracles of Annihilation


SUPER thrilled to Vs this guy! Jon was really stoked to play his list, and we both were on losing streaks today. He admitted right up that I would wanna play Rask, as Maelok's dudespam would get Rekt by how his list would work. We talked a bit about the matchup, and he was really helpful with explaining why (and when) I'd wanna pick Rask over my Maelok list.

Unfortunately, a big part of deciding on a list is dependent on model knowledge, and the actual strategy that the army will go with - Stuff that I just don't have a grasp of yet.



So here we go - And I got shot by a Blightbringer. Beautiful paintjob on that disgusting bastard, though. Props to Todd at Toad Painting  for cranking that guy out, he's most excellent.

Here we go with the first engage! Cycling Fury between the two Posses, I get some damn good damage into the Archangels... While feeling like I've walked right into his trap.

So Absylonia1's feat is gross. Full heal. Her and Battlegroup. Also, whenever her Battlegroup gets hit the next turn, they heal for d3. Fairly powerful with giant, tons-of-boxes bastards like these things.

But I had to try, even after getting lots of my Posse rekt. It was time for Blackhides to Shine!

Ghostly, Boundless Charge, Rage, Fury...  CHAAAAAARGE!

Red Wrastler almost got that Archangel, and then the other Blackhide charged in and did some serious damage to the Blightbringer, along with the remaining Posse members.

I freaking love this photo.
Gaze Into The Abyss

What!? Where'd my dudes go!?

Well, I ran the Wrastlers super hot... And the Forsaken ran in, and bombed them for megadice of damage... The rest was a cleanup effort by the Blightbringer, really.

After that, I conceded. All my heavies got eaten, and there was no way I was going to assassinate Abby with Rask and the Bokor.

Had a lot of fun this match! End of the day, was getting a bit burnt out, and having a relatively straightforward game was really nice. Jon was great to play against, and I can't wait to Vs him again - He's going to do his Archangels as Gyarados and Charizard, and I can't wait to see it.

Also, he clearly loves Abby, and I think Abby is what Sarah wants to go for with her Legion, so it'd be nice to see Abby get played so I can help Sarah learn the game.

Papa Jon proud of his Bebe Archie

Big day, big big day! Lots of games, and tons of fun. Didn't win any, but that's ok! Every game was a new matchup, new experiences, and I got to see some beautiful models, play against great players, and genuinely had an awesome time.

That's one thing about this hobby - See, in Magic, too often when I play Commander with randoms, someone is gonna be an asshole. Or butthurt about something. Or just generally unfun/boring to play against. So far, everyone I've played against in WarmaHordes has been social, talkative, helpful, knowledgeable, and genuinely memorable.

Really stoked to get more rounds in, and definitely play a lot more Maelok - Gotta get good at him so he's ready for the next tournament!!!

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