Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Hasty MKIII Post!

Thanks to a Boxing Week sale, Gators got a fancy new bag!
I'll miss my Ammo Boxes, but this one is SO MUCH LIGHTER.

Why the hasty post?

Because it's late, and I just got home from playing some warm-up games with a friend!

Which friend? Drew! I mentioned him in this post, back in 2016, and we finally got some more games in!

I won't be doing a full batrep here - Mostly because we just did a quick 15 point game to warm up, and then we got through about 75% of a 50 point game - and because tomorrow I'll be gaming all day at Connection Games, and wanted to figure out Blogger tonight so I can crank out a full blog post tomorrow!

Anyways, hit the jump for some pictures and light musings while I figure out formatting!

Maelok got me into the game, so he had to be my first game of 2018. 

It was Maelok versus Drews' Lich Lord Terminus, which is an incredibly imposing model. Lucky for me, Drew has played a total of 0 games since we last played, so I had absolutely no fear - Except the fear of him chucking the chunk of metal at me if I taunted his ineptness too much.

 The game was super duper quick - Turns out Maelok assassination works at any point level!

Happy Little Gatormans!

His "Skarre"y Cryx force
Next match was against his Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast and some random things, so I used this opportunity to try out Zombie Bog Trogs, Ambushing Bog Trogs, and a Mist Speaking Bog Trog!

Yes, that's a Magic deck we're using as Difficult Terrain

We did that thing we do - Move up! I thanked him for putting his Mechanithralls so close to the table edge, then reminded him what Ambushing Bog Trogs do. I promise you, he'll never put dudes this close to a table edge ever again.

Bog Trog Cleaning Crew!

I thought I was soooo clever with my Bog Trogs.
Unfortunately, I wasn't clever enough to use my feat.

Nightmare found a happy little hole to fist :(

Nightmare charged in and ruined my Bokor. He didn't even get to do anything cool! Not like he would have, versus Cryx... Sigh.

We had a bit of a grind for a couple more turns, and then we realized it was late - And someone (Not me) works at 6am the next day. We decided to call it a tie, but we'll definitely get some more games in soon!

After that rousing warm-up, I'm stoked for tomorrow - Heading to Connection Games to play against people who actually know how to play, so I can get acquainted with MkIII, and hopefully feed the Gatormans some tasty fresh meat!

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