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Vs Cygnar - Fly away, silly swans

So, I figure I might as well try to play WarmaHordes again. I know, I do this every year. But here's what's new this year:

  • Blindwater just won Templecon (GJ Rickard!)
  • Sacral Vault, JagaJaga, and Shamblers are looking really dang good
  • I really want to paint, lately. When I wanna paint, I wanna game to show 'em off, too!
  • I moved, and Gators' are one of the hobbies that fit in my new space
  • I'm playing at a new store

New store is Drexoll Games, since the move it's my new closest store! I played 3 games on Sunday, and won 2 of them - Which, if you've followed previous posts, is unheard of for me.

Without further ado... Hit the jump for the Batreps!

I arrived at Drexoll before 11am and I was the first person there... Good opportunity to read over my Quick Ref sheets and meet all the (new to me) people as they come in. After chatting for a bit and getting entered into the league, I tried to find me some WarNouns to warNom!

On to the matchups!
  1. Rask Vs Gareth's War Witch Deneghra,  who thought we were doing a Battlebox game?
  2. Rask Vs Alex's Captain Kara Sloan,  wherein Blackhide Wrastler got to taste sweet sweet ladyflesh
  3. Bloody Barnabas and Alex's Captain Markus 'Siege' Brisbane Vs Angus' Lord Commander Stryker and Doug's High Reclaimer, which showed us the power of 2 randomly deviating Pow10 3" AoE's every turn.

Now, I didn't take thorough notes about my lists, and unfortunately my pictures were all terrible, but I'm going to review the photos and see if I can get my lists right.

ALSO, one cool thing to note: For the Path of Devastation League,  each faction has a special model who becomes a 'Hero' - As they participate in battles, you gain Exp which you can spend on upgrades for the Hero which stick around for the whole season. For Minions, we get Croak Hunter, so he had to be in all of my lists. Stay tuned for a painting post featuring Grippli, Croak Hunter Hero!

Vs Gareth's War Witch Deneghra

Rask (+6)

  • Blackhide Wrastler (9)
Max Gatorman Posse (9)
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew (1)
Grippli, Croak Hunter Hero (2)

This was just supposed to be a simple 15pt game to get my feet wet (with blood) so I could see how little I remembered - And it turns out I remembered a lot! Who knew that WarmaHordes is just like riding a bike?

See that Cryx Warjack at the bottom? "If you ignore him, he will kill your 'lock" Needless to say, Blackhide took care of that

That said, this game had a lot of hiccups. Gareth kept forgetting about limiting effects I had in place (Inhospitable Ground, Disruption on his Warjack, Arc Node destruction on one of his chickens) and I was my usual 'Problem? Use more Gators' self.

At one point during 2nd or 3rd round, he mentioned he had thought we were doing a battlebox game, and that if he had known it wasn't battlebox, he would have just brought a ton of Mechanithralls... I was about to tell him "No Johns", but then remembered that it isn't a universal constant, and decided to just keep my trap shut.

Seems Wrastler couldn't quite get there... 

Overall, I feel I did very well. Deneghra has a very powerful spell list, and he had 2 chickens which he could Arc those spells through, so I focused on getting as much damage on them as possible. His Hero was a Skarlock Thrall, which didn't do much aside from give Ghost Walk to the chickens so that Inhospitable Ground didn't matter.

Not shown: Chunks of gators that got shredded by that Warjack

The game was won when Wrastler pulled off a Death Roll on his only heavy Warjack - Gareth conceded the match, citing that all hope was lost, and it was only a matter of time before Wrastler would get to sample his sweet sweet War Witch flesh.

League Exp:

Play a 15-point game
Win a game
New opponent (Gareth)
New faction (Cryx)
New point level (15)
New Warlock (Rask)

Vs Alex's Captain Kara Sloan

Rask (+6)

  • Blackhide Wrastler (9)
  • Ironback Spitter (8)
Max Gatorman Posse (9)
Max Gatorman Posse (9)
Gatorman Witch Doctor (3)
Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew (1)
Grippli, Croak Hunter Hero (2)

On to the 35 point match! This one was even a scenario - Whatever the one with the 3 control points is called.

Vs Cygnar - Feat turn! Make them Swans beat a tasty retreat!

For this match, one thing I really should have focused on was controlling the objectives. I contested them well, but I kept forgetting to be in base to base with the objectives, therefore I did not dominate them. I feel that if I had been more conscious of controlling them, I would have won on scenario way before Kara tried her assassination run.

Spitter was a champ this game. He cleared out a good chunk of Alex's most complicated unit (Some group of Cygnar dudes with armor and lightning bursts and very high Command) with a well-placed gob of grossness, and then later cleared out another chunk of them with another gob.

This is the one turn I actually got points. Yay?

I'm happy with how I used Rask's feat. Due to Cygnar needing to, y'know, shoot to do anything useful, Rask's denial feat really helped the gators get nice and close to the control points, while still not getting too close to the shooty mcshootsalot line. Also, with the 12" threat range from the GMP, he was forced to back away from the objectives.

Kara trying to kill Rask - I really should have kept Rask behind that cloud.

The game was won when Kara tried an assassination (From across the friggin board) because I misplaced Rask once. I knew this would happen at some point - If Kara has an opportunity to assassinate, I know she will. Especially when Gators have been chomping on all of her friends.

Her assassination failed, despite doing like 30pts of dmg with 2 shots Fortunately, Rask had 2 fury for transfers. RIP Ironback Spitter, Goodnight Sweet Turtlebro. <3

Dead turtlebro :( Wrastler will avenge you!

Next, what happened was Alex had a warrior model charge Rask, which caused like 5 dmg and (more importantly) allowed the nearby Wrastler's Admonition to trigger, which let him move 3" so I could put him into a position to Charge Kara and subsequently win the game for Blindwater.

Mad props to Alex for this one - I may not have realized that his unit had triggered my Admonition, and him pointing it out to me is what sealed his fate, but also helped me learn to use Admonition better. Thanks, Alex :)

League Exp:

Play a 35-point game
Win a game
New opponent (Alex)
New faction (Cygnar)
New point level (35)

Bloody Barnabas and Alex's Captain Markus 'Siege' Brisbane 


Angus' Lord Commander Stryker and Doug's High Reclaimer

Multiplayer 25pt teams, using the Cutthroat Keep league scenario.

I know it's super blurry, but here was the table at the beginning

Not much to say on reflection, since we only got a couple turns in and I don't think any of my guys were engaged, ha. High Reclaimer is a smoky jerk, 2x 3" Pow10 AoEs every turn is very effective (So effective that my teammate lost half a unit before his first turn), and the smashable keep in the center was a non-issue. Game cut short due to the store closing, but it was still a lot of fun :)

See the empty space in my teammates' lineup? Yeeeaah.... Blame scenario.

Since everyone will be at Gottacon next week, I'll take this Sunday off (probably paint), and I might try to get some games in with a Legion friend who I'm trying to convince to get back into the game.

Good luck to everyone going to Gottacon, I should have a new report in 2 weeks time!  

Note: Bog Trog Ambushes only work well if you don't remind your opponents that you have Ambushers waiting to Ambush. #protips

League Exp:

Play a 25-point team game
New opponent x2 (Doug and Angus)
New faction (PoM)
New point level (25)
New Warlock (Barnabas)

Total Exp gain for the day: 18 Exp

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