Wednesday, 25 February 2015



Vs Cygnar - Fly away, silly swans

So, I figure I might as well try to play WarmaHordes again. I know, I do this every year. But here's what's new this year:

  • Blindwater just won Templecon (GJ Rickard!)
  • Sacral Vault, JagaJaga, and Shamblers are looking really dang good
  • I really want to paint, lately. When I wanna paint, I wanna game to show 'em off, too!
  • I moved, and Gators' are one of the hobbies that fit in my new space
  • I'm playing at a new store

New store is Drexoll Games, since the move it's my new closest store! I played 3 games on Sunday, and won 2 of them - Which, if you've followed previous posts, is unheard of for me.

Without further ado... Hit the jump for the Batreps!