Saturday, 5 April 2014

Rask Re-Do

Because Rask is awesome:

The old Rask!

Decided to re-do Rask, but first, pictures of the old him!

Side view! Since his back pic was blurry..

I'mma git you!

Man, he looks strange so up-close.

Gurgle gurgle...
A quick bath and he was ready for some remodeling!

The snake is from an old TMNT toy, glad I kept it around.
Really happy with the skull in his hand, and a scenic base!
Oh, and I made these:

First try at scenic bases!

Also, did touch ups on the big guys... What're those pod things?

Leaves! But not red/orange/yellow like the real bases will be.

A tree trunk, a bucket prop for an objective marker...

And an objective marker!
The pods are from poppy plants, a friend gave them to me, they give a really cool alien-landscape feel to things. Painting the objective marker  and yelling at Rask to cure faster should make for a rousing Saturday night!

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