Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Rask Re-Do Pt 2

Because Rask (and rhyming) is awesome:

Here's the completed Rask!

Hit the jump to see how I got there!

So, I forgot to take pictures right from when I started painting, but I followed this guide written by Nick from BellOfLostSouls, and after doing a test on an extra gator limb, I figured Rask deserved it!

This is where I went 'Whoops, shoulda been taking pictures...'

So there I've done the skin (as per the link above), the cloth and armor pieces, and most of the base...

 There's some paint on him, and shading... Mostly done here. Drew a few different things on the mask, settled with a V, for Venom.. Why Venom?

Ask Wrong Eye, and he'll tell you... Rask is poison.

This part was sooo stressful!

Oooh, a gun!

And here we go, with the Tamiya paints and the glosses and everything... Really excited for his debut tomorrow for an all-day murderfest at Connection Games!

My lighting is still terribad - The gator quiver isn't super weird looking in person

Until next time - Will post pics after tomorrow!

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