Monday, 31 March 2014

Gators 2014 - A Commitment

Hey everyone, you don't know me, but that's ok - I honestly don't expect anyone to actually read this!

My intent is to catalog and record my progress with the Blindwater Congregation in Privateer Press' Warmachine/Hordes game system.

Man, fuck those Rusky wannabes
Vs Khador - What a match looks like. Expect to see lots of these. 


So, I started playing Hordes late 2012/early 2013, as part of my 'Learn 1 new skill each year' initiative... What skill is that, you wonder? Painting!

I saw the Gatormen models (Maelok, specifically!) and fell in love almost immediately. I'd always wanted to play a miniature wargame before, but the starting price point of Warhammer 40k/Fantasy was always too steep for me, and honestly the rules seemed kind of... Bullshit. After some research into local playgroups of Warmachine/Hordes, I bought a couple models, got some paint, figured out a paint scheme (Based off of the colours of a bathrobe my mom made for me..) and got to painting!

Even though I started early 2013, I didn't really get a lot of 'serious' game time in - Firstly, I insist on painting my models BEFORE being allowed to use them, which slowed me down a bit. Secondly, I didn't have a lot of time to both focus on painting as well as learn the intricacies of a complex combat system. Those issues aside, I did get a few games in (casuals against friends who were also new to the system), but eventually retired from playing, and just focused on painting...

Until 2014...

Vs legion - Fighting over a hot spring

In late Dec 2013, I started to think about what I should do for my 2014 skill - At the same time, a new Warcaster for the Gatormen, Rask, was finally within my reach - And from the looks of it, he was disgustingly awesome, and everything that Gatormen needed as a faction. 

After getting Rask, I knew I wanted more models... But I had already spent a substantial amount of money on a game I never played... So, I hatched a plan - Why not learn the intricacies of strategy of competitive wargaming for my 2014 skill? Surely such knowledge and ability can benefit my life in other, less nerdy ways, right? ... Right?

Well, that is yet to be seen. I've been playing at least a game every two weeks (usually more) since January 2014, and I participated in my first tournament on march 2014, where I did... Terribly.

But, hey, at least I got my second win (of 2014), so huzzah for progress!

The Plan

Vs Menoth - Even while armless, that Judicator is still terrifying
From here on, I'll do my best to write up reports of each battle I have, including: What list I used, who I fought against, enemy models which gave me trouble, and any random musings I can come up with at the time.

OH, and pictures. Lots of pictures.

If anyone other than me reads this, I hope you enjoy the blog, as you get to see my gradual progression from a noob to (hopefully) a seasoned veteran of Hordes.

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