Monday, 31 March 2014

Scars of Caen, Season 1

Scars of Caen, Season 1: Charsaug

Vs Legion - See that silver guy, top right? He's a total prick. 
Participated in the Charsaug league at Connection Games, got like 48 pts and a SWEET participation badge, so that's cool. I went Opportunist, and got 4 models painted for hobby points.

Hit the jump for some stats!

Completed Ritual 4, for painting some fire fx on my kartikeya's sharpclaws (Not posting a pic as I'm not happy with it)

Played in ALL the Regions, and did the mini scenarios for each... Which was really cool :D

The league Model for this season was Charred Blackhide Wrastler - +2 dmg for claw attacks... So, with Fury, he had +5 on his claw attacks, leaving the Blackhide at a P/S20 Bite and 2x P/S19 Claws... So much murder :D


Tynan - Circle - 50pts vs Rask - Draw
Neil - Scyrah - 35pts vs Maelok - DustUp, BurnOut - Neil Won


Chad - Menoth - 75pts vs Rask - BurnOut - Chad Won
Thomas - Cyriss - 50pts vs Rask - WildFire - Thomas Won
Thomas - Cyriss - 15pts vs Barnabas - DustUp - Thomas Won
Thomas - Cyriss - 25pts vs Rask - DustUp - Thomas Won
Stephen - Legion - 50pts vs Rask - FirePit, I Won (First win of 2014!)
Stephen - Legion - 50pts vs Rask - HotSprings, Stephen Won

Hobby pts:

Kartikeya from Hell Dorado
Ended up painting his claws with (shitty) molten effects to get the +5pts for paintinga fire effect
Used as a Blackhide Wrastler.. So badass

Bull Snapper with Cryx juice
Note: He's never actually killed any Cryx stuff. 
 Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew
Hobgoblin and Demogoblin, but I doubt anyone is ever gonna notice, honestly.
See? Pumpkin! Super proud of pulling that freehand job

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