Sunday, 18 March 2018

I didn't buy a second faction, I swear!

Except I did.

But it's not mine! I'm just holding it for a friend!

Pictured: 2 Carniveans


Someone was selling an army for a good deal, with some staple dudes, and since Sarah expressed an interest in learning the game (And trying Legion) I figured - Hey, why not?

So, we'll keep you posted on how learning Legion goes for her - I'm sure I'll do Battle Reports for even our bitty games.

Oh, guess I'll post the list of what we got:

Down by the River

Fun with Terrain!

Alright! Had a game on Wednesday, against West and Kromac!

There were a couple people there with Legion armies too, but unfortunately I didn't have the time to get games in. Maybe next week!

And check out that Terrain! West said he was fine with extra water, so we dug out a river and he placed it running right through. Super fun!

Hit the jump for a Battle Report of this wet and wild showdown!

Friday, 9 March 2018

JagaJaga Versus the Robots

I like to think that if there had been an amicable resolution, then this would have happened.

Got a lot of painting done, and I wanted to test out my new models - So I threw them all together in a jumbled list and gave it a rip against a highly-tuned CoC tournament list!


Gators got smushed

Hit the jump for the battle report, and to see my amazing proxy Dracodile!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Whoops I Cheated

Hi, I'm Skarath. I can Charge after being Thrown, because I didn't get Knocked Down
Except I can't, because MkIII 
MkIII has been great. Freely measuring has been wonderful, Gatorman rebalance/buff has been wonderful, and it's all been good fun.

But taking away the Flying Gators tactic, it hurts. It was hilarious! Chuck a Blackhide down the table!? He Rises, charges the enemy Warlock and/or generally causes disarray by suddenly being a heavy in a backline!? Seems amazing(ly risky)! Fun for the whole delicious family!

So, when I read Skarath and thought that "Can't be knocked down" means he walks away unscathed (well, damaged) from a throw.

I knew this long enough to win a kitchen table match against my buddy Drew, and then after re-checking the rules after I realized...


Hit the jump for a riveting tale of rules fuckery!

Quick Painting/Crafty Post

"Too toot" "His hiss"

So, I figure I'll try to always post new minis, for the sake of it. Step-by-step painting tutorials? Maybe later. I ain't good, but giving instructions (and analyzing them) may help me get better.

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Robots and Wolves, Oh My!

If you can't win the war, at least wreck a Colossal

Exciting times today! Actually got 2 games in, and NEITHER WERE AGAINST CRYX!

Crazy, right?

Today I got to go up against Convergence of Cyriss (Piloted by Todd of Rain City Hobbies / Toad Painting ) and Circle Oroboros (Piloted by West of... Idunno, they had a Texas hoodie on I think?)

And also - My first win of 2018! Whew! Hit the jump to read all about it - Thrills await!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

More Cryx? More Cryx.

"9 Slayers? This will be fun!"

More Cryx it is!

As it shall always be, I'm up against Cryx.

I honestly can't complain too much, though. See, on Sunday, I headed to the store to get some games in, but everyone was playing some other game called Infinity. They're in the middle of a league season, so it's what's popular right now.

Turns out there's no hulking scaly monsters, so I ain't interested.

I killed some time at a nearby anime convention (yes, seriously. Vancouver, amirite?) and then headed back to the store to see if anyone was up for WMH.

Hung around for a bit, saw a lot of Infinity happening, so I was just about to leave when someone approached me - Gareth, from last match!

"Wanna fight more Cryx?"
"Not really, but happy to play!"

Wanna see what 9 Slayers can do to a Gator army? Hit the jump for the most HEAVY METAL match I've played yet!